Master of Indie

"Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." ~ Matthew 5:27,34

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Who Am I?

Web developer, coder, keyboardist, and Webmaster over at Kingdom Leaks. I am the Master of Indie. Check out my Soundcloud indiegrooves above.

Music Premieres

The best websites for finding the latest in music. Be the first to know when an album streams, or say, an artist releases an album for free.

File Hosters

The best file hosters are the ones that offer high, consistent upload and download speeds and take on a simplistic theme.

Premium Link Generators

No one likes a slow file hoster. Waiting three hours for your music is not ideal. I've put together a solid list of leechers that (almost) never let you down.

Simple Software for Audiophiles

I'm all about efficiency. With these simple software you can get a lot done a lot quicker.

How a Record Leaks

Ever wonder how an album leaks? It's simply just a game. If you have the right cards, and you're proactive, you'll be jamming to your tunes weeks in advance.


I've written this Transcode Spectral Study to provide a primer on transcodes to explain why they are bad and how to spot them.

Stereogum Music

Album, single and EP streams, plus artist news.

NPR First Listen

Premieres 2-5 albums every Thursday. Usually Country, Indie or Hip-Hop.

The Hype Machine

Premieres a new album every Friday. Electronic, Indie or Experimental.

Exclaim! Music

Canadian streaming and album news site. No major album streams, but solid small band promos.


Personal favorite. 200 MB limit


Fast uploads. 200 MB limit


Zippyshare's brother. 100 MB limit


Fairly new filehoster. 500 MB filesize limit.


Fast upload. 500 MB limit.

File Dropper

Very slow uploads, but 5 GB limit.


Sometimes "Can't generate link" but one of the most reliable. Bypass one ad.


No timed ads, but 250 MB limit and bandwith on their account is often exceeded

Leech Ninja

Supports 4 filehosters and no filesize limit, but sometimes you get locked out of the download for a few minutes


By far the most reliable in my experience, but unfortunately they decreased the limit to 150 MB


If you find yourself needing to generate premium links often and you're willing to pay a few bucks per month, you can get unlimited downloads 24/7.

Many More!

Leechlist is an amazing tool for finding more premium link generators. They have supported hosts for each and show the details as well!